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As one of the area’s largest seed distributors, we’re proud of the long history we have at providing the best-quality seed available.

Our goal is to help you develop forage and cropping systems that are balanced and profitable. We have a strong dealer network serving farms from Virginia to Maine. Our dealer network is supported by several agronomists and livestock professionals. Our core strength is in forage systems and cover crops.

Learn more about KAS and the wealth of resources available to our customers on our main website.

Phylos is a new kind of agriculture company filled with the next generation of plant scientists. They are transforming the cannabis industry with unparalleled data, technology, and expertise.  With the application of modern statistical techniques and genomic tools, they believe this plant will change how we think about our health, our communities, our food supply, and our environment.
We are proud to partner with Phylos to provide some of the best cannabis seed on the market today. Learn more about Phylos on their website. 

The goal of HGI remains development of  the best, high yielding regionally adapted hemp grain varieties. Learn more about HGI on their website.


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