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By: Sarah Mitchell, Industrial Hemp Specialist May 12: Planting hemp in near-perfect seed bed. Plans are made to be changed, or so the expression goes. With April temperature averaging near 50F for the month, the herbicide applied in March did not act quickly. The second tillage was done on April 28, later than expected. May started off equally cool with frequent rain. After nearly three inches of rain over 48 hours on Mother’s Day weekend,
By: Sarah Mitchell, Industrial Hemp Specialist Forecrops were terminated at about 12 inches tall in Mid-April. Temperatures were above 55 °F for several days. The days are getting much longer, and the weather is fickle. The forecrop plots planted October 7, 2021, are growing in fitsand- starts just like the weather. Cosaque Oats, a black oat known for allelopathy, was planted a few weeks too early. It is covering the ground, but not as robust
By: Sarah Mitchell, Industrial Hemp Specialist Cereal Rye is the “go to” cover crop. Farmers and agronomists agree, it’s a workhorse. Cereal rye starts quick and grows well. It anchors the soil, builds microbes and organic matter, facilitates nutrient availability, plus suppresses weeds in spring. However, Cereal Rye, a.k.a. Winter Rye, is just the start. King’s AgriSeeds found that certain cover crops can do much more! Introducing “Forecrops.” Cover crop mixtures, tailored to precede a specific

The Potential of Autoflowering CBD Genetics

Posted on December 9, 2021
Departments – Smart Start: Research Roundup Finding reliable genetics has been one of many burdens for the blossoming hemp industry. Autoflowering varieties might help. To continue reading click the link below.
Pre-introduction CBD hemp variety trials in late July at King’s AgriSeeds research farm in Christiana, PA. With F1 hybrids, more promising varieties are in the breeder pipeline. Hemp breeders are rapidly improving CBD hemp product quality and striving to reduce risk for growers.  The pre-introduction trials we conducted at King’s AgriSeeds showed significant upgrades over this season’s commercial varieties.  For 2021, day-neutral varieties are even more efficient to grow with higher yield per acre.  New

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