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King's AgriSeeds is excited to offer a full portfolio, of both Autoflower and Photoperiod Sensitive hemp varieties and hybrids.  We strongly encourage our growers to incorporate both autoflower and photo varieties into their lineup to spread out their harvest timings, and mitigate risks.

Autoflower (Day-length neutral)

Autoflowers are fast, efficient, and less expensive to grow than typical photosensitive varieties.  Since they are day-length neutral, these varieties can be planted and harvested weekly from mid-summer through fall, similar to a sweet corn planting schedule.  Crop timing is only about 10 weeks for all of our varieties, which reduces overall risks of disease, insects and weather.  Predictable scheduling plus mechanized planting and harvesting make labor efficient.  Autoflowers are perfect for high tunnel and greenhouse production. Feminization rate 99.00%+.

Planting tips for rapid emergence (2-5 days)

  • Choose a site that is well drained with friable soil
  •  Apply pre-plant fertilizer with high N
  •  Prepare seed bed with tillage to break up large clumps
  • Direct sow into moist, 60F temperature soil
  • Seed depth ¼” to ½”
  • Ensure seed to soil contact
  • Within 12-24 hours, irrigate or plan sowing in advance of adequate rain (approx. ½”)


High density planting makes our flagship AutoCBD a cost effective option for mechanized planting and harvesting.
CBD Flower:  11% +/-  Biomass: 7% +/-
Terpene Profile: Musky, Citrus, Pepper, Spicy
Plant Population: 22 k/a
AutoCBD Techsheet

AutoCBD Alpha Explorer

With 52% bucked flower vs leaves and stems, this F1 hybrid has smokable flower and extraction versatility. High yield.
CBD Flower:  13% +/-  Biomass: 8%+/-
Terpene Profile: Musky, Citrus, Pepper, Spicy
Plant Population: 17 k/a
AutoCBD Alpha Explorer Techsheet

Photosensitive Varieties

Photosensitive CBD varieties are triggered to flower by daylength.  Our product list includes varieties that mature for harvest from late August through October.  They are large, robust plants that produce hefty colas suitable for biomass or smokable flower.  Plant population per acre depends on planting date.  Earlier transplanting gives more time to develop a larger plant scaffold that supports large flowers.  Later transplant with higher density results in smaller plants that compete with weeds in fewer weeks.  Overall yield per acre may vary.

PhotoCBD Quik Spectrum

Larger than Autoflowers and smaller than Photos, this Auto-Photo cross offers the best of both types plus F1 hybrid vigor.  Capitalize on short crop time, compact plants with strong yield -- even at high density.  Harvest mechanically or quickly by hand with loppers.
Terpene Profile: Sweet, Berry, Musky
Plant Population: 4800 plants/acre
PhotoCBD Quik Spectrum Techsheet

Test Early & Often!

Submit a baseline sample for COA testing at minimum of 4 weeks prior to expected harvest. The earlier you test, the better you can schedule your compliance COA sample and eventual harvest.  Federal guidelines for compliance approval are to test within 15 days of the actual harvest date. Your state regulations may be different.


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