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Hemp Guide Overview

With the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, industrial hemp has taken center stage. The legalization of hemp as an agricultural commodity is an exciting game-changer and one with great growth potential for hemp growers.  Agricultural professionals and home gardeners alike are interested in growing hemp.  King’s AgriSeeds, Inc. supplies seed from breeders around the globe to commercial farms on the East Coast.

While the opportunities are vast, there are key considerations for farmers to take into account. For example, strict federal regulations are chief concerns for CBD hemp growers, especially as THC rises exponentially as flowers mature. Until fresh breeding provides varieties that are reliably low in THC, farmers have the responsibility to keep their crop within legal limits.  Frequent laboratory testing towards the end of the crop cycle can help a grower predict harvest dates.

Industrial Hemp Varieties

CBD (Day-length neutral & Photosensitive), Fiber & Grain Hemp are the main types of Industrial Hemp.

It has been said that a grain farmer would be most adapted to growing grain hemp, a hay producer could transition to growing fiber hemp, and a vegetable or tobacco grower could easily add another product line of hemp for CBD.  Startup costs for equipment are the main reasons for this rule of thumb. There is plenty of crossover, however, particularly if a grower has a buyer for the final product.

At King’s AgriSeeds, we can assist you to choose the varieties that suit your market and farm.  We are excited to partner with Hemp Genetics International to bring dual purpose grain and fiber varieties to the market.  We are introducing growers to two leading sources of CBD genetics, Phylos Bioscience and FLURA.

CBD Hemp

Fiber & Grain Hemp

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