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Autoflower (Day-length neutral)

Day-length neutral varieties, also known as “autoflower,” are unique breeding innovations in CBD production. These varieties differ from photosensitive varieties in being programmable.  Multiple crops per season can be planned, similar to sweet corn that is planted and harvested weekly from mid-summer through fall.  In autoflower varieties, flowering is triggered by time and temperature, rather than day length or photoperiod.  This makes the crop labor efficient, scheduling predictable, and reduces overall risks of disease, insects and weather.  Processors appreciate steady, routine deliveries of biomass or smokeable flower. These qualities are refreshing in a market that is new, challenging and volatile.

Autoflower Varieties

AutoCBD by Phylos is a is a third-generation day-length neutral variety that has gone through rigorous testing and analysis by our team.  It produces CBD-rich flowers in an average of only 75 days.  When plantings are scheduled weekly or biweekly, harvest will also be fairly predictable and level-loaded.  Plants are short and stocky, about 32 inches tall by 18 inches wide.  Grown at high density in conventional rows like vegetables or corn, biomass yield is typically 3000 lbs. or more per acre.  Postharvest CBD yield is solid, with flowers averaging 12%, and biomass yielding 7% to 9%.

Our first Phylos-tested CBD industrial hemp variety is:

  • CBD rich: suitable for smokeable flower or extraction
  • Consistent: stable genetics deliver uniform plant growth
  • Breeding integrity: stable genetics, high germination rate, 99.98% feminization
  • Field-tested: agronomic support and trial data from over 35 sites around the US

Photosensitive Varieties

Photosensitive CBD varieties are triggered to flower by long days, similar to fall blooming crops like sorghum or garden mums.  Photosensitive varieties are planted in spring and harvested from late August to mid-October in field production, depending on the variety.  They are large, robust plants that produce hefty colas suitable for biomass or smokeable flower.  Their size demands wide crop spacing, similar to nursery production.  Weed control must be addressed throughout the growing cycle until the CBD plants can outcompete weeds for nutrients and sunlight.

Photosensitive Varieties

FLURA provides a wide variety of photosensitive varieties.

Early Abacus

Consistant early finisher, with large yields
CBD Profile: 8-15%
Terpene Profile: Predominant Trans-nerolidol (Grassy)
Harvest: 80-90 days


Frosted Lime

Stout plant with densely stacked bud structure.
CBD potential: 14-18%
Terpene Profile: Beta-Myrcene (Earthy Spiciness)
Harvest: Mid-Late October

Frosted Lime -Techsheet


Extremely vigorous grower
CBD Profile: 8-15%
Terpene Profile: Predominant Limonene (citrus) and Pinene (Pine or Evergreen
Harvest: Mid October

Early Abacus

Feminized Seeds
Lineage: Unknown
Growth: Consistent, early finisher. Superb stability with large yields. Harvest time in 80 to 90 days.
Flower profile: 8% – 15% CBD, below .3% Delta -9 THC.* Flowers tend to be medium density, great for smokable flower or biomass. Predominant Trans-nerolidol (Grassy) terpenes.
Plans per acre: 2700 plants per acre based on 4‘ x 4‘ spacing
5800 plants per acre based on 3‘ x 2.5‘ spacing
* Test at minimum three weeks prior to harvest. Federal guidelines are to test at minimum 15 days prior to harvest


Feminized Seeds
Lineage: Indicia leading canna tonic hybrid
Growth: Extremely vigorous grower that will produce 1 to 2 pounds per plant in 4‘ x 4‘ or 6‘ x 6‘ spacing. Harvest mid November.
Flower profile: 15% to 22% CBD, .29% to .6% THC.* Highly herbal and earthy flavor profile. Predominant Limonene (Citrus) and Pinene (pine or evergreen smell) terpenes.
Plants per acre: 1,300 plants per acre based on 6‘ x 6‘ spacing
3,600 plants per acre based on 4‘ x 4‘ spacing
* Test at minimum three weeks prior to harvest. Federal guidelines are to test at minimum 15 days prior to harvest

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