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AutoCBD Frequently Asked Questions”

Variety Description

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There are 3  main economic differences:  Flowering is triggered by degree days --not day length-- so work load is predictable.  Crop time of 75 days is about 40 % shorter, so risk of diseases and pests is considerably reduced.  AutoCBD is only 32 inches tall, so plant population per acre is much higher, yield per acre is comparable or higher, mechanization is easier.

AutoCBD averages 75 days until harvest. The range is 65 to 85 days depending upon accumulated degree days.

AutoCBD is a stocky 32-inch tall plant that grows about 18 inches wide.  The stem is about the size of your thumb.

Post-harvest flower CBD yield is about 12%, with post-harvest biomass CBD yield about 7% to 9%.

When planted at 10,000 plants per acre, yield is about 3300 lbs per acre or 6 oz per plant.

AutoCBD is 99.98% feminized seed. Stress can trigger early flowering or hermaphrodites.  Scout fields frequently for herms and remove them.

All CBD Hemp varieties may go hot under certain cultural conditions.   AutoCBD has a safe 26:1 CBD to THC ratio, but if not harvested on time, it can potentially go hot.

CBD:THC ratio is genetics related and influenced by crop culture to some degree.  AutoCBD is 26:1, based on hundreds of lab tests at harvest.  This large ratio shows more CBD dominance than strains with smaller ratios (such as 20:1).

AutoCBD has good bag appeal.  Since plants are short, stocky, harvesting by hand and hang drying is easy.

Independent trials have been conducted with outdoor cultivation.  AutoCBD’s day-neutral qualities, plus size and timing, lend itself to indoor production.  See AutoCBD Greenhouse Cultivation Guide for details.

Crop Culture

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Consistently schedule two weeks between sowings to streamline harvest and processing.  For example, sow May 15 to harvest August 1.  Sow June 1 to harvest August 15.  Sow June 15 to harvest September 1.

A second agronomic or vegetable crop either before or following AutoCBD is possible.  In the South, it may be feasible to grow two crops of AutoCBD.

Establish a weekly routine to improve quality and reliability.  Observe each crop to adjust subsequent crops.  Processors rely on growers who deliver high quality biomass week after week.

Direct seeding into the field is recommended for AutoCBD because the tap roots develop rapidly, and if damaged can trigger early flowering.

Package germination is 91% for 2020 and compensated with overpack.

Use a precision, vacuum plate seeder for vegetable production, such as Monosem.  Appropriate plates for Hemp seed are available.  Machine shops and engineers are currently modifying or designing equipment for CBD Hemp.

Use caution.  A well-developed transplant can actually trigger early flowering in autoflower varieties, including AutoCBD.  Follow strict guidelines when growing transplants. Contact us for complete details.

Seeds are sown 10,000 per acre, which is 18" in-row spacing on 30" centers.

Irrigation is required if rainfall is insufficient.  Drip irrigation offers flexible timing and won't damage tender trichomes.

Control weeds during the critical first 30 days by shallow cultivation,  mowing a between-row cover crop, removing weeds by hand.

Monitor CBD and THC levels weekly.  Begin testing two weeks after flower initiation and continue until plants are harvested, between 3 to 5 weeks.

Predict harvest by monitoring trichome development and THC levels.  Harvest as THC approaches 0.3% Total THC or trichomes turn from clear to milky in color.  Amber trichomes are past optimal.


Seeds are packaged by weight as Pure Live Seed (PLS)

10 Acres 100,000 PLS
5 Acres 50,000 PLS
1 Acre 10,000 PLS
1/2 Acre 5,000 PLS

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