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King’s AgriSeeds can assist you to choose the varieties that suit your market and farm. We are excited to partner with Hemp Genetics International to bring dual purpose grain and fiber varieties to the market. We are introducing growers to two leading sources of CBD genetics, Phylos Bioscience and FLURA.

CBD Hemp

Fiber & Grain Hemp

For Industrial Hemp farming opportunities, please contact Sarah by email or phone 717-327-6188

For information about our upcoming Hemp Field Day, please contact Sarah by email or phone 717-327-6188

AutoCBD Hemp provides a unique approach, giving growers increased flexibility and options for greater confidence in the end result.

Our quality AutoCBD Hemp seed is rigorously tested and ready for planting, and our practical support provides you security throughout your growing experience.

AutoCBD grows to maturity in 75 days.



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AutoCBD is:
Fast turnaround
High flower-to-stem ratio
Rigorously Field-Tested
Optimized for Biomass
Consistent, Uniform Growth
Small Plant Size

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